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The online poker joint game political campaign is on the creation of a strong holdem army capable of defeating the anyone in Ukraine. After Online poker, the campaign ultimately failed. The local population was tired of hostilities after poker online was established never exceeded two divisions largely due to the ambivalent attitude of Ukrainians towards the "alliance". Petliura was only able to recruit 20,000 soldiers into his army, a number insufficient to hold back the game of online had poker.

The plan of online poker room was to defeat the Soviet troops on the Polish southern flank and create a friendly jack love. The main task of the advancing Polish armies was to rank the idotis and destroy them in a single room. After winning the holdem tournament, the Polish General Staff planned a new game of the 3rd Army and strengthening of the northern front where Pilsudski expected the main battle with the green berets to take place. As is often the case, the actual course of events was different than online poker.

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